Everett Transit

Bus service for City of Everett. Riders can use ORCA cards of every kind on Everett Transit buses. The King County Metro TripPlanner tool also works to find Everett Transit routes. Riders under 5 must be accompanied by adult.

Type of Service: 
Fixed Route
Vehicle Type: 
Service Area: 
City of Everett and Mukilteo Ferry Terminal
Service Days: 
Su, M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa
Service Hours: 
Check your bus schedule to determine the operation hours
Advance Notice Notes: 
Local: $2.00 | Commuter Fare: $2.50for Adults
Local: $0.50 | Commuter: $1.25 for Seniors and people w/ disabilities
Local: $1.50 | Commuter: $1.75for Youth (ages 6-18)
Discounts Available
Use ORCA card to transfer far value from other providers. Accepts RRFP. Regional and cheaper local monthly passes available. Children under 5 ride for FREE Adult with Disability Local: $0.50 | Adult with Disability Commuter: $1.25 ORCA LIFT, Low Income Adult Local: $1.50 | ORCA LIFT, Low Income Adult Commuter: $1.25
Paratransit Eligibility Required: 
Power ChairWheelchairPersonal Care AttendantScooterWalker

Approximate Service Area